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Elevate your operations with our specialized services designed exclusively for the oil and gas and energy sectors. From expert staffing solutions to cutting-edge workforce management strategies, we're dedicated to fueling your success by delivering unparalleled expertise, innovation, and support.

Project Teams & Contractor Services

We are your top choice for project teams and contractor services. We specialise in staffing solutions for the oil and gas industry, ensuring project success.

Master Vendor Programs

Benefit from our streamlined recruitment process, where we manage everything from sourcing to onboarding, saving you time and effort.

Permanent Hiring Solutions

With a global network and local presence in the UAE, we attract and retain top talent for permanent hiring, boasting an impressive candidate retention rate.

Executive Search & Leadership Acquisition

We specialise in connecting emerging leaders with top opportunities in the UAE's dynamic oil and gas sector.


Success stories

Step into the success stories of companies within the oil and gas and energy sectors, where our customized solutions have propelled them to new heights. Witness firsthand how our strategic staffing and workforce management strategies have become pivotal in driving sustainable growth and achieving remarkable outcomes for our clients.

“Working with Strato has been a game-changer for us. Their expertise and innovative approach have transformed our marketing efforts, significantly increasing leads and conversions. Highly professional and responsive, their team understood our unique needs and delivered tailored solutions.”

John Smith

CEO, XYZ Company

"Strato has been instrumental in driving our business forward. With their insights and data-driven approach, we've seen significant growth in our customer base and revenue. They have exceeded our expectations and become a trusted partner in our success. Highly recommended!"

Sarah Johnson

CEO, ABC Corporation

“The level of dedication and expertise they brought to the table was exceptional, and we continue to see a positive impact on our business growth. Their team was exceptionally professional and attentive, comprehending our distinctive requirements and providing customized solutions."

Rebecca Foster

CFO, XYZ Enterprises

"We can't say enough about the outstanding work this agency has done for us. Their digital marketing strategies have significantly increased our online visibility and engagement. They have gone above and beyond our expectations, becoming a trusted companion in our journey towards success.”

David Johnson

CEO, DEF Incorporated


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Browse through our frequently asked questions to find answers to common queries about our services, processes, and more.

Are you able to provide contract staff globally?

Yes, we can supply contract professionals globally. Diverse Resourcing has a vast network, ensuring we can provide skilled personnel worldwide, compliant with local regulations.

How does your candidate-driven approach benefit me as a job seeker?

Our approach focuses on your career aspirations and personal growth, ensuring we find opportunities that align with your goals and expertise in the energy sector.

What strategies do you use to match candidates with the right opportunities?

We utilize a comprehensive matching process that considers your skills, experience, and career goals to ensure a perfect fit with energy sector projects.

Why should I choose Diverse Resourcing over other recruitment firms?

Diverse Resourcing stands out for our global reach, personalized approach, and commitment to your long-term success in the energy sector, making us your ideal recruitment partner.

Still have questions?

Reach out to our team directly for personalized assistance.